The DMV’s own Lip Nation Media

Mental Health

March 1 – May 1

Crime in the DMV

March 1 – May 1

Canva Scheduled Posts Training Video

Youth Employment & Resources

March 1 – May 1

“Lip Nation Media is a non-profit media organization. We provide workforce development skills to the adult youth of the District of Columbia”

Our programming includes immersive curriculum that keeps the participant engaged and hands-on. We use app software such as Canva, WordPress, and Grammarly. Our course content is exclusively created by our owner and operator Ms Christina Tillman. She has invested much time and practice with these apps and software and has a love for teaching others great skills they can use for life. With the future of the next generation in our hands, we believe that with support, we can reach more youth and teach them strong employment skills in the media and technology field. We have been in-partnership with the District of Columbia Department of Employment Services for two years now and we are looking for ways to give the youth more resources and more opportunities. If you have absolutely any ideas please feel free to email us. We would love to collaborate.

The parts of this website that aren’t complete actually used to be. It was cleared for our new staff to present themselves in their new career-home. Please be patient with us while we train some of the best residents of the District to give you the local and celebrity news.

Capitol Hill
Washington DC 20002