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Wanna Gain Weight?

Wanna gain weight? Here’s a tip☝🏽‼️

And it WORKS!

#gainweight #body #goals

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News Weather & Traffic each morning

Find our podcast on almost all podcast platforms😩that’s actually harder than it sounds 😮‍💨😂here’s a few to start #applemusic #googlepodcasts #iheartradio

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Jamaican Jerk Chicken

Made a sweet and spicy Jamaican jerk sauce and I’m adding some green peppers & onions 🧅 and Medley’s seasoned butter😋

Great find at Whole Foods Market! Also sautéing my chicken in organic sunflower oil #healthyfood

Let’s see how this goes😊


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Dinner time!

Time to cook‼️

I want some Jamaican jerk chicken thighs and some rice and Brussels sprouts😋

But will the kids eat that😑not likely lol

What to feed the kids? 🤔


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Time to run! 💨
Have to prepare dinner and do the whole evening routine with the kids 🖍
Homework and more😮‍💨

I’d like some time to rest but I have a lot of graphics work to do as well😊

It’s a whole new HER 💄

happymonday #parenting

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Halloween Weekend 🎃

Over the #weekend I feel like I went through some amazing transformation even though I was at home🤷🏽‍♀️

No Halloween party for me 🚫
My goals are too big to celebrate right now 🫡

But I must say that I feel brand new and ready for my new year goals!🥳Not waiting until Jan #nope

So I’m going to start today with my FREE LARGE chocolate hazelnut frappé with espresso from McDonald’s 😋 #timetowork

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Good Morning 😃

I think I’m going to finish my coffee and then do my face and makeup‼️🥰

Hmm…podcast episode today?
Totally thinking about it 💭

I’m just so scattered with tasks until I get my staff next week😩😮‍💨

Entrepreneurship is HARD‼️‼️but don’t give up! 5 years ago you wished you were HERE where you are right now🙏🏽☝🏽#mondaymotivation #goals #pushyourself

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Our new cat!🥰

Here’s my new cat!

Hiii Gucci🥰

She’s fat and likes to lay around on us 💕she jumps on the bed too😮‍💨she’s so fluffy I didn’t think she could do it🥹😂

Animals help us humans with a LOT🫡
Especially mental health and companionship😊

Don’t mind my calendar in the background it’ll never be clear lol

(That’s not my fish they should clean that)😂🤣

#animals #pets #lovethemsomuch #catmom #catmomlife

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Missing Grandma 🕊

Me and my grandma 🥰 (I was 4)
I sure miss my old lady

#barryfarms #backyard

But I don’t know what I would’ve done if she was alive during Covid😮‍💨

I probably would’ve lost it
Things may hurt but they make you stronger❤️‍🩹
I’m so grateful for everything she’s taught me in her 79 years of life🙏🏽

Here’s to you grandma! 👋🏽💕💖 🕊 #love #familytime

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Battling Depression anyone?

Battling depression can be hard😣
It sucks!

But working out can be a great help🙏🏽
I’ve noticed that at the end of my 30 day squatober challenge I can manage my mental health better😊

I’m more calm and focused and I’m so grateful 😇
Being an Aries makes it hard to find my chill sometimes🥴but I hope this message helps someone☝🏽

WORKOUT! Don’t lay in depression❤️‍🩹it’ll be okay with just one step at a time #mentalhealth #workout #motivation #healingjourney

Peace, love, mental health