We are a Community Based Organization located in the Nations Capital and we provide journalism programming, media certifications and wrap-around services such as snacks and dinner to some of ward 7 and 8’s neediest youth population. We are also in partnership with the DC Department of Employment Services who assists us in hiring and employee retention, and the Department of Parks and Recreation where we hold our programming for our youth.

Teaching the youth how to use a Black Magic Cinema camera

After being in service for 5 years with no funding, one could only imagine how much we need our community’s assistance in supporting our youth programming. At Deanwood Recreation Center where we hold our in-person sessions, we provide a safe-space for youth to come and structure their thoughts and express them in a positive way through communication style events like our “Teen Speak Easy” which is a poetry based self expression event, our new podcast “The Afterschool Snack” and “Spring Break” which is modeled after BET’s Teen Summit.

Throughout the school-year we run an internship where we have 14 HBCU students located across the east coast and they run our Instagram and Twitter blog. We encourage positivity on all social media platforms and we DO NOT condone bullying or hate speech.

Learn to operate drum machines and create commercial beats, television show intros and commercial tunes for the entertainment industry

To continue running these programs we really need your help. We have a crisis in our city right now with our teen population and if you could find it in your heart to sponsor a teen and potentially keep them off the street and engaged in structured activities it would be greatly appreciated! If we can expand what we can offer just imagine how many teens we can save! If you’re in a giving mood here are our links and if you have perishable or non-perishable goods, toiletries, or gently used clothing to donate we will happily accept them just email us to confirm an appointment.

Lip Nation Media x Deanwood Radio Broadcast interns preparing for interviews

Cash App:$lipnation (must be under $10k)

Here are our financial goals for the 2023-2024 instructional year



“Nurturing DC’s youth and young adults one at a time”

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