Our CEO Ms Christina Tillman started this company in 2018 with very limited resources and a dream. She’s a mother of three, military veteran, divorced, domestic violence survivor who chose to help others the way she needed help once upon a time. Her story is one for the books, including when she experienced homelessness in 2019 due to a home flood. She advocated for the homeless youth of DC in 2019-2020 so they can have safe shuttle service to school. Here’s the link from the WAMU story https://dcist.com/story/20/02/25/d-c-is-discontinuing-shuttle-that-helped-kids-experiencing-homelessness-get-to-school/

Photo Credit: WAMU

She was also seen in Mitch Credle’s “12 Years in Hell” documentary about crime in DC during a time when we were considered the crime Capitol of the country. Here’s the link (Tubi TV) https://tubitv.com/movies/655968/12-years-in-hell

She used to play sports at Barry Farms Recreation Center and that’s where her love of DC DPR first started. Their staff contributed to her childhood in irreplaceable ways and that’s the exact impression and experience she wants to give the youth. Nonetheless, We are so proud of everything she has overcome and we are glad that she is our employer because we know that she understands her staff and the youth because she has been where we are. She shows us that even though times are hard, we can still make it in life. She is a true inspiration.

Her high school band (dance team) the reason she started her own team with DC DPR❤️
Our owner Ms Christina Tillman @ Deanwood Recreation Center studio